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Kansas Camper Newsletter

The Kansas Camper Newsletter is published every two months. All reports for the newsletter should be sent to editor@ksfcrv.org

FCRV Camping Today

FCRV Camping Today is printed and sent to members every other month.

Care Notes - KCA Communication Line

Care Notes is a communication line used to share the joys, concerns and any other notes of interest with our KCA family.

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  1. 1) We will include information about members and their families. HOWEVER, no information is to be sent without the permission of the family that the information is about.

  2. 2) In listing a death, please include as much information as possible, i.e. an address and times of services; an address to which condolences can be sent; an email address if possible in which others can send notes to the family; the names of surviving family members; also any information as to which chapter they belonged to, etc.

  3. 3) In listing information about illness, this is a very sensitive topic and utmost care must be given as to the information provided. Again, this can only be submitted with the permission of the family.

  4. 4) In listing joys and concerns we will be including significant milestones i.e. births, anniversaries, special recognition, etc. Again be sure to include addresses to which others can send notes, etc.

  5. 5) This in no way takes place of the news that is shared through the Kansas Camper. It is intended only to share among members at the time there is a joy or concern.

  6. 6) The information will be shared in a timely manner as soon as we’ve receive it.

  7. 7) If you would like to have your name and email address added to those receiving these notes, just click here to send an email indicating you want to be on the list. These lists will be kept confidential.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Linda Smith and/or Ivalee Vanderhoff.